What does the phone icon mean next to the battery icon on the iPhone 4


The icons on the top of your iphone mean: Cell signal, Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Headset battery indicator,Lock, Bluetooth, Battery, Shows that TTY is on, GPRS etc. Each symbol on the iphone screen stands for some meaning. There are the obvious screen icons such as battery but if you see one thast unfamiliar you can refer to your user manual. !

How do I save battery life on my iPhone 4

Turn on Auto-Brightness, Reduce Screen Brightness, Turn Bluetooth Off, Turn Off 3G, Turn Data Push Off. and Fetch Email Less Often. All these things can save your battery life.

What phone has a longer battery life HTC Evo 4G or iPhone for

The iPhone 4 has a longer battery life, at 38 hours, while the HTC Evo 4G has a battery life of only 10 to 12 hours. on!

Which phone has a better battery life, Samsung Captivate or the iPhone 4

The Captivate, with moderate use, the device went a day and a half before needing a charge. Battery Life on the iPhone 4 Lasts 38 Hours on heavy use.

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What does a phone icon means at iPhone?

By Tes One March 8th, 2013 at 10:24:20

Your iPhone battery icon appears in the upper right corner of the device’s screen. When connected to a power source such as a computer or wall outlet, you can also view the battery icon as a large object across your screen. The icon informs you of ho

By aladinliverpool March 8th, 2013 at 12:37:53

It could be alot of things (since you didnt describe well). A purple arrow means you are using the gps. A grey lock with a arrow around it means you are in portrait orientation. A blue play button means you are playing music or video.

By mlomenzo March 8th, 2013 at 15:32:50

Technically it’s easy. However normally the applications icons and other artwork is done, not by the app developer themselves, but by a separate designer or even a design team.  That costs money, and you might not be able to get the same de…http://www.quora.com/iPhone-Applications/Why-have-so-few-app-icons-been-updated-for-the-iPhone-4s-Retina-Display

By rul3z March 8th, 2013 at 17:19:15

How do i get rid of on the top right corner the battery icon/menu next to the internet icon of a macbook? i want to hide it so to say. its annoying.

By max1982 March 8th, 2013 at 20:36:21

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