Is there any way to save text messages on the iPhone 4


If you want to save text messages, simply email them to yourself from your iPhone. This is an easy and worry free way of saving messages. If you lose your phone, the messages will be gone, but email is much easier to recover from. !

Is there any way to save your messages on the iPhone

If you want to save text messages, simply email them to yourself from your iPhone. This is an easy and worry free way of saving messages. If you lose your phone, the messages will be gone, but email is much easier to recover from. !

How do you save attachments in text messages on my iphone

To Save Email Attachments on an iPhone open your "Mail" Application and load your email. Find an email with an attachment and click on it. The "Mail" Application marks emails with attachments with a paper clip to the right of the name of sender.

How do you save SMS text messages on iPhone

To backup your SMS messages on the iPhone isn't the easiest task like it should be. The program needed for your computer is: "iPhone Transfer SMS." This program allows you to backup all SMS messages just in case an update to a new OS happens. !

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How do you save iphone text messages?

By cicciotto February 13th, 2013 at 13:15:47

Whether you’re saving incriminating evidence or a sentimental memory, there are some text messages that you don’t want to lose. Unfortunately, the iPhone can only hold a certain number of texts, so if you reach that limit, it will begin to delete the

By Mafialife Chris February 13th, 2013 at 15:25:30

I use Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS. You can either save your texts as… (more) Sign up for free to read the full text. Login if you already have an account.

By rollerman February 13th, 2013 at 18:12:18

Try going to phone settings.

By jansen_berlin February 13th, 2013 at 20:59:02

is there any reason why my LG Rumor cant recive text the Text Plus application? my service provider is Sprint messages from an Iphone using. i don’t know if that matters or no

By msgotit February 13th, 2013 at 23:24:07

I need help, I went through my boyfriend/fiance’s iphone and found some painful surprises…? Background:
So my fiancee purposed valentines day in Seattle 2010, we have been really good friends for 5 years. He has always had a crush on me but I didn’t want any kind of commitment, I wanted to be free. He is an amazing guy but he is wild and loves to impress the ladies because of self worth issues. He has only had 2 major relationships: 1st the girl cheated all the time, couldnt keep her legs closed, had multiple abortions…you get the idea, so he started cheating. 2nd the girl was overbearing and emasculated him, basicaly made him feel like b*tch boy, she would stay at her x boyfriends house but “nothing happened. She was cheating, so in turn he cheated back. This behavior gave him issues with women. I always came to the rescue, offered my encouraging words and a good shoulder to lean on. He became lost in the drinking and partying, broken heart and all, I felt really bad for him. He always has to be center of attention, but it can be funny and entertaining. We really bonded and were very close, personaly and emotionaly, I was the only woman he could trust. But I saw his ways when he got drunk with the girls, very flamboyant, very flirtatious and very loose with his words…party animal and a social butterfly.

After 5 years of friendship he finally got me, we both very indie, love music, traveling, very artistic, we are both extremely emotional and passionate specially twords each-other. We are amazing together, but im haunted by his ways and with very good reason, The first part of our relationship was really rocky and there was a lot of pain, hurt and disrespect. I couldn’t deal with how he acted as my boyfriend when we went out, when we were friends that was a completely different story, I could care less. But being his girlfriend it was disrespectful to me and made me look like one of those stupid girls that follows their boyfriends like a lost puppy, it was sooo dumb. But now we are wonderful, we have found our nitch, figured out a way to communicate wonderfully, we don’t fight and we respect on another. Things really couldn’t be better.

So here is the deal;

I was playing on the apps on his iphone, he was on the computer playing one of his online man games. I got curious and decided to look through his text messages…

1st message I found was from 6 months ago telling a girl he met; “my friend is just mad cause she wants to be with me but I dont want nothing to do with her like that”. We were heavily involved, he had begged me to stay with him right before this incident confessing his undying love for me. He denied me, made me look stupid and like a crazy obsessed stalker chick…umm no, not going to fly, I will chew him up and spit him out. When really I was mad cause he ditched me and took off to the bar, I couldn’t go I was throwing a party at my house, he just mobbed out.

2nd message I found was to another girl about 4 months ago, the girl asked “is that your girlfriend with you?” he replied “Oh god no, she is just a friend, so what are you doing later?” at that time he was begging me to move out with him.

3rd message was less than 2 months ago right before Christmas of “09″, the text read “hey I dont know if you remember who I am but I was wondering if you want to meet up and go for coffee sometime or maybe a beer”. The number wasn’t saved and apparently it was some random chick he met. At that time we were talking marriage, I found this last night, he purposed on valentines day a week ago.

Being it was his iphone his hot mail was automatically signed in, I found many random conversations with many different women through out our relationship, including pictures from women that read look and it this one I just shaved…you get the idea.

I trusted in him, his love for an old friend, maybe that was my downfall. I had my suspicions, I had to make sure I wasn’t being thrown under the bus.

Now I am engaged to a man that is somewhat living a double life, I feel like its disgusting, but I cant tell him, I was the asshole that didn’t respect his privacy that he trusted me with.

I need an opinion that isn’t bias, if I leave him he couldn’t live with it, I don’t know if I could but I cant marry someone that is doing this, specially trying to hook up with some random girl less than two months before he knew he was going to ask me to marry him…

What the hell am I going to do, I need some major help, major help.

By LilDragonWings February 14th, 2013 at 01:39:58

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