Is there any way that i can change the appearance of my iPhone 4


Yes, you can find many different iPhone 4 home screen themes online. If you want to change the external appearance then your best bet is to get a case with a design that you like. Attaching anything like stickers to the actual iPhone could inhibit it’s function. again!

How do I change the color of my iPhone 3GS

Are you trying to change the color of the actual case or the display of your iPhone? Cases can be purchased that will change the appearance of your phone and Apple will soon be releasing a conversion kit to change it from black to white.

How do I change my info card for Siri on iphone 4s

Currently, there are no other versions of Siri or info cards that can be changed to alter Siri's voice or function. !

How many Apple stickers comes with the iPad 2

Typically the iPad 2 comes with two apple stickers. I've heard from others that they have come with dozens of stickers. Call your nearest Burlington Apple Store at (336) 291-0486 to ask a Apple Genius. On!

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Find a ringtone you like, any sound will do, but I believe they have to be less than 30 seconds long. If it’s not in AAC, move it to iTunes, and convert it to AAC, like so: Go into iTunes’s Preferences → Import Settings… → Import Using: AAC Encoder.

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Unlike the previous versions of the iPhone, the iPhone 4 has an improved camera that enables you to focus on an image when using the camera application. The focus feature automatically adjusts for a clear focal point and also allows you to …

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The iPhone 4 lets you create folders to sort and store your files and apps. If you do not like the current name of a folder, you can easily rename it. Before changing the name, however, you must put the iPhone into “Rearrange Mode.” This mo…

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iPhone 3g S. appearance? so about a month back on the back and a when everyone was speculating about was a lot of talk the new iphone release there about a light up logo diffe

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Are there any legal specifications on AT&T’s tethering usage? I’m really curious as to whether I am legally able to actually use tethering through AT&T on a regular non-tethering plan. Here is some background info: I own an iPhone 4 and have a contract plan through AT&T. I have been upgrading iPhones since the original, so therefore I still have the original unlimited data plan, which is now phased out to new users. My iPhone is jailbroken, and I have therefore been able to use this to tether without the need for a tethering plan. Just recently, I have received a letter from AT&T basically stating that if I continue to tether, my plan will be automatically changed to a 4GB data plan, that of which will be either the same price or more expensive than my current plan. In calling customer service, they tried to make it seem as if tethering and data usage were two separate things working on two separate plans when in fact they are not. In looking back at my account on their website, tethering is not specified at all. All data appears as coming to my phone itself through Internet/MEdia Net. Tethering clearly uses more data, but not by much. So therefore I am also wondering whether AT&T is blatantly making the assumption that I am tethering (which coincidentally I am… but that is beside the point) merely by the appearance of slightly higher data usage, which can be done with the phone by itself.

It is understandable that companies like this will always have a hold on their customers because of their policies, but I am actually wondering if there is a legal disclaimer, statement, etc. that says specifically that I cannot in any way use tethering on my current plan or whether this is just another method of a corporate siphon of our money.

By EvilSeph February 21st, 2013 at 20:46:57

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