Is there an app to download to block phone numbers on iPhone 4


IBlacklist is the most popular app used to block phone numbers on the iPhone 4. It is only available from their website not available in the itunes store.

How do u block numbers on an iphone 3gs

Receiving unwanted calls can be a nuisance. The iPhone doesn't have a native feature that allows you to block incoming calls but jailbreaking your phone gives you access to an application that can. iBlacklist enables you to block calls and SMS messages from individual numbers as well as callers using blocked or unknown numbers. The app costs $12.99 and isn't available through the Apple app store, but you can download it using Cydia, an alternative app store for jailbroken iPhones. !

How to block numbers on the iPhone 4 from Verizon

Via your MyVerizon page, you can block up to 5 numbers free or pay for some 'parental controls' and block up to 20; log on to your MyVerizon page for details. You could also buy apps to do it like Mcleaner and or iBlacklist. Thanks for asking !

What are good iPhone apps to block numbers

Turn on your iPhone. Go to the App Store. Purchase the app MobileGate, made by Cydia. Download and install MobileGate. Open the app. It will ask you to divide your iPhone's contact list into a White List and a Black List. The White List is the list of calls you are willing to take. The Black List is the list of calls you want to block. Create a separate White List and Black List for your incoming phone calls and also for your incoming text messages. !

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There is no meaningful average number of downloads. Even free apps can go completely unnoticed (for various reasons), and get just a handful of downloads a day. Then of course, free apps from well-known publishers (facebook, tapulous, rovio, etc) s

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idk i dont have one look me up on jessica teague I just went into the app store on my iPhone and typed in Facebook in the search bar. It found the free app and I clicked the download button that was right there, downloaded it a…

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You can either download them via the app store on your handset or via iTunes on your computer.

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I added an app. to my iphone by computer, but the app didn’t download to phone how do? On my itunes it shows I get it to download where I downloaded it, but it does not show u

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