How to remove text sound when talking on the phone on iPhone 4s


To remove text sounds when talking on the iPhone 4S you will have to go to the phone ‘Settings’ feature. From here you will click on phone settings, then sounds. When sounds are selected you can change the text sounds or remove it. Thank you for using !

How do you change the sound when you send a text iPhone 4 ios5

To customize your alert sounds, go into Settings and choose Sounds. Scroll down a bit and you'll see that instead of a simple on/off option, there are a number of sounds from which to choose for ring tone, text tone, new voice mail, new mail, sent mail, tweet, and calendar alerts. You can then adjust the volume of your ring tone and other alerts by using the slider above, and choose to be able to adjust it using the volume buttons. Happy Halloween and thank you for using !

Can you make an iPhone 4 vibrate for a text notification

Make sure that you check on Settings --> sounds that under Ring, Vibrate is ON and Text is selected

How do you hide text messages on the iPhone 4

To hide incoming text messages on the iPhone: 1) Tap Settings. 2) Scroll down until you see the Sounds. Tap it. 3) Scroll down to New Text Message. A screen will load with sound alerts. Click None, which is listed first. A check mark will appear. Tap Sounds at the top of the screen to go back to the Sounds menu. 4) Tap Settings, then Messages. 5) Slide Show Preview, Repeat Alert and Show Subject Field to Off. This will hide the actual text message and subject of the text. !

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Can the you phone 4s voice text?

By MNNLeafre February 24th, 2013 at 22:52:34

Tap on the “Sounds” icon in the S…

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T Mobile dash text message sound goes off while talking? I have a t mobile but if i’m on the phone and i dash and i dunno why get a text message while talking my ringtone goes

By stan111 February 25th, 2013 at 09:20:26

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