How much does it cost to fix a broken iPhone 4 screen


It would depend on your service provider and if you have insurance. If you are uninsured and your phone provider does not offer refurbished phones at a discounted price, replacing the screen could cost anywhere in between $150-250 depending on the phone model. Thank you for using !

How much dose it cost to fix a iPhone 4 screen

For the 8GB Apple Iphone 4, the repair cost for a cracked or broken screen is $199.00. For the 16GB model, the repair cost is $299.00. Your iPhone is covered by Apple for one year, but this only includes manufacturer defects, not accidental damage.

How much to fix a apple iPhone 3 with broken screen

If you go to an independent repair shop, a broken screen will set you back between $60 and $100. If you go to Apple, the price to repair a cracked screen is $199. again!

How do i fix a broken touch screen on an iphone

Unfortunately the Iphone is so complex it is a good idea to take your phone to the Apple Store to get it fixed or replaced. Sorry!

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How much does it cost to fix a iphone screen?

By Tiksa February 6th, 2013 at 01:19:31

Just like with any electronic device, one too many awkward drops can lead to a broken iPhone. The most common symptom of a dropped iPhone is a cracked or broken screen. The iPhone isn’t necessarily more fragile than other phones, however the screen i

By HighJinx February 6th, 2013 at 04:27:41

It can be very frustrating when the LCD on your iBook G4 goes bad. This will often require you to completely remove your old LCD screen and replace it with a new screen. This can seem like an intimidating project, especially if you have nev…

By Gez February 6th, 2013 at 07:21:58

If you send it to Apple, the iPhone 3G, Out-of-…

By ar2 February 6th, 2013 at 10:05:19

Iphone screen broken how to fix…? I have the 8gb iphone basic coverage. The screen broke somehow so and its still under the now its got this spiderweb look on the screen. Ho

By Greg-J February 6th, 2013 at 13:00:53

How much does it cost to repair a shattered iphone 4 screen? my iphone 4 was smashed hard as it fell from my window onto stones! the phone works PERFECTLY! im actually using it now to write this. but its very hard to see and i absoloutly need it fixed as it is EXTEMELY broken. how much in POUNDS would it cost on average? and is Apple cheaper? and should i get a diy kit? PLZ ANSWER ASAP!!! thnx xxx

By TheAllusionist February 6th, 2013 at 14:45:55

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