How do you put an iPhone 4 in safe mode


To escape safe mode from a jail broken iPhone or iPod touch, you go to cydia – manage- settings- developer (no filters), then search – mobilesubstrate , then remove/ delete off cydia. again soon!

How do you take off safe mode on your iPhone 4G

On a iPhone, go to Cydia, manage, packages, the program you downloaded that caused it to go to SafeMode; then click modify and remove.

How do you enter safe mode on the iPhone 4

1. Install Veency on your iPhone/iPod - Ceency can be found on Cydia. 2. Connect to your iPhone/iPod with a VNC server such as Tightvnc 3. After you have connected, hold the sleep/wake button and slide to power off 4. Instead of turning off, your iPhone/iPod will go into safe mode. If it does turn off, just turn it on again and the device will still go into safe mode.

How to put iphone 3g in DFU mode when power button is broken

If your power button on your phone is broken it will need repair. On!

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How do you enter iPhone safe mode?

By sticheno January 23rd, 2013 at 23:44:01

With all the spyware circulating I often wonder when computers use terms such as safe mode. Each operating system has a different set of instructions. For instructions specific to what your computer is using visit

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You have already set up an administrator account on your Windows console. This account, however, is set up in normal operating mode. But what you also need to do is set up a Administrator account and password in safe mode just in case you n…

By Spiffware January 24th, 2013 at 03:44:00

It’s important to know how to silence your iPhone quickly. Putting your iPhone on silent mode turns off the phone’s ringer and as well as interface noises your device might make. When your iPhone is on silent, you will not hear text message…

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My computer start up but go? blue screen come back on it is a compaq pc to a blue screen it safe mode i put it tell me to start in in safe mode but the

By Elly January 24th, 2013 at 10:07:51

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