How do u work the Bluetooth on the iPhone 4


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Can the iPhone 4 receive ringtones through Bluetooth

Yes, the iPhone 4 van receive ringtones via bluetooth, it can send them as well. by calling!

How do I find out the Bluetooth passkey to an iPhone 4

If you have previously connect your mobile to your laptop then you don't need passkey.You can directly connect your laptop with your mobile. !

Can you send pictures using bluetooth on an iPhone 4

You cannot blue tooth pictures via iphone. The way to send pics would be to forward them or hook the iPhone to a computer.

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Does the rocketfish bluetooth headset work with iphone 4?

By EvilLS1 September 2nd, 2012 at 17:26:24

BlueAnt hands-free Bluetooth devices are a good solution if you often take phone calls in the car or when you are busy with other activities. The devices must be paired with your mobile device, such as the iPhone 4, before they can answer calls. A Bl

By maxether September 2nd, 2012 at 19:26:27

Long term, the impact will be massive. The 3.5mm connector is scheduled for the same fate as the Floppy Disc, the SCSI buss. Apple Chooses A New Path The inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0 on all future iOS devices is the lasting genius and vision …

By Spinball September 2nd, 2012 at 21:08:46

It could be any number of things, really. Make sure that the OS version is the same to ensure that it isn’t a bug in an older version of iOS. That aside, it is also possible that you are getting interference from the cellular signal/wifi si…

By hilaryl September 3rd, 2012 at 00:01:42

how do i get the bluetooth? i have no idea how on my iphone to work to work the bluetooth on my iphone, i go into settings & genral & then blurtooth & set it to on, but if i g

By mktrilogy September 3rd, 2012 at 01:45:19

Do ALL smartphone apps work on ALL smartphones? Meaning that even iPhone apps work on other phones? When it comes to my mobile phone, I am stuck in the …stone age,
even though Europe had today’s type of modern mobile phones before
the U.S. I live in …cloudy Ireland and have …sunny dashes to Greece!

Everybody is raving about smartphones, but every …week
it seems there is a new one out and I am soooo confused.

1) Which would be the best for me to get for fast mobile internet access,
camera (taking photos, video), music?… without my becoming a slave to it ….

2) Which would be the easiest for a newbie to use?

3) Which has larger ‘keys’ for typing?

4) Which one has the LOUDEST alarm sound/ telephone ring
– since it IS, after all, a telephone!!!

5) Obviously, because I do not appreciate changing(upgrading) my phone
very …month, which smartphone do you think would be factory-supported
(as a phone, ex. for parts, etc.) supported (with apps) up to three years,
without them discontinuing it?! I have been looking at Samsung Galaxy S,
iPhone or the new MS smartphone or one by Sony Ericson, but did not actually
get to see any of these phones in action because they were … PACKAGED!!!!!

6) Are ALL languages automatically pre-installed or will I have to install Greek
separately because I need the option to receive messages.

7) Please re-read the initial Question — it needs to be answered, too.

Also, if I have to (meaning mandatory),can any apps I purchase be transferred to
new phone? How?

8) What is wi-fi? Do I buy it? How is it used? Does it work on EVERY smartphone?
Is it important to have?

9) Is bluetooth important? How is it used?

The sales people were asked the above same questions pertinent to
helping me make up my mind in getting an EXPENSIVE smartphone.

I did not get straight answers AND I did not get a new smartphone.

Your answers are welcome.
Thank you!
When I say LOUDEST ring I mean LOUDEST (none of those tweety-tweety sounds) RINNNNNGGGG!!
Thanks guys!!! Still waiting for more answers…

I did not understand the Jailbreak … but I just thought of something else.

So iTunes is only for iPhone, as I expected. That is cornering the music market.
And WHAT is the equivalent for the other smartphones to download music?
How is it done? How does one pay?

IF there is internet connection on smartphone, do you need Anti-VIRUS, etc.??
Can phone be HACKED and destroyed ???

All this technology cannot be good…

By Tim Skellett September 3rd, 2012 at 03:59:08

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