How do I put custom ringtones for contacts on my iPhone 4


To put custom ringtones for each contact you can either go into the contact and hit add ringtone, or you can go to your contacts and go to the main settings and click add ringtone to contact and pick which contact. Again Soon!

Can you get new ringtones on the iPhone 4

Yes, you can! Open your iTunes library, and check for any song marked with the ringtone symbol. When you choose one, select "Store" and "Create Ringtone." Click on "Preferences" for another option. Choose "Ringtones." Carve out 30 seconds of a song that you want as your ringtone. When you're satisfied, click the Buy button to purchase your new ringtone. Sync your iPhone once the ringtone arrives in your iTunes library. Now you have a custom ringtone for your custom iPhone. again!

How do I edit my contacts on my iphone 4

Tap the "Home" button and then select "Contacts." Browse through your contacts and find the one you want to edit. Tap the contact's name when you've made your selection. Tap "Edit" on the contact's main page (upper-right corner). You can edit the contact's name, telephone number, email address, mailing address or website. When you are ready to edit or add to an entry, press the green "plus" symbol. Enter the information you want to add or edit the selected entry. When finished, tap "Save."

Why can’t I edit, delete, or add contacts on my iPhone 4

For iPhone 4, if you can't edit, delete or add contact, & you’re running iOS4, open up the multitasking tray by double clicking the home button. Now hold on one of the icons until the red minus sign comes up, and click on the minus sign for the contacts app. This will force the app to quit entirely. Now go back and re-open contacts, and see if you can edit the new additions, or if they’ve appeared. You can also try, under settings, >General>Reset> "reset all settings".

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Can you put custom ringtones on iPhone?yes.

By dprice January 20th, 2013 at 04:50:38

Please note this how to guide came from my website Open up iTunes Find the song that you want to make into a ringtone Listen to the song and find the part of it you want to use, remembering that only a 30 second sni

By Bobbo January 20th, 2013 at 07:26:19

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The iPhone 4 comes standard with a variety of ringtones that will alert you to incoming calls. If you are unhappy with the selection of ringtones offered by Apple, it is also possible to download new tones from the device’s iTunes applicati…

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How to put custom ringtones on selected contacts HTC Touch Diamond Diamond. I want to put certain? I have an HTC Touch ringtones for certain contacts, instead of just my main

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