What happens when you reset your iPhone 4


Resetting the iPhone is also the term used sometimes to mean deleting all content from the iPhone and restoring from a backup. Restoring your iPhone 4 will delete all your content from the phone.

When you restore a iPhone 4 do the pictures and apps get deleted

Unfortunately, yes. Although iTunes backs up most of your device's settings via its sync settings, downloaded applications, your audio, video, and photo content are not included in the backup. Restoring your iPhone will mean loosing all this data unless you back it up via other means. on!

How do i make a itunes backup on iphones

If restoring from an iTunes backup, your device settings, downloaded applications, audio, video, and photo contents will re-sync to the device because the "Sync" option under the respective tabs will be checked in iTunes when restoring from a backup. You can manually back up or restore your iPhone or iPod touch from a backup. To do so, Control-click or right-click the iPhone or iPod touch icon on the left side of the iTunes window and choose Back Up or Restore from Backup. !

Is there a way to delete all of your contacts on the iphone 4

Delete all iPhone 4 contacts: "Erase All Content & Settings" in Settings menu will wipe any saved data from the phone; this will delete all iPhone contacts at once directly from your phone. You can also restore iPhone to factory settings from your computer which will also delete all contacts on iPhone at once. An additional option for jailbroken iPhones, is an app from Cydia called "Erase Contacts". You can mass delete by re-synching ‘Contacts’ in the ‘Advanced’ section of the Info tab in iTunes

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How do you reset your iPhone 4?

By berry05 February 1st, 2013 at 16:19:56

If your iPhone 4G frequently freezes or locks up, or you experience other problems with it, you may want to try a reset to get your phone back in working order. Apple designed a few ways for you to reset the iPhone, depending on why you need to perfo

By cvn February 1st, 2013 at 19:12:38

You may want to reset your new iPhone 4 if it has crashed or if you want to restore it to factory defaults. This means rebooting the entire system and setting up the iPhone again. Keep in mind that resetting your iPhone to factory defaults …http://www.ehow.com/how_8240440_reset-new-iphone-4.html

By bbparis February 1st, 2013 at 21:33:48

There are two types of resets that can be performed on an Apple iPhone 4. A soft reset is one that can be performed to free up used memory, such as memory being used by programs being run in the background. This will not delete any informat…http://www.ehow.com/how_7348202_reset-iphone-4.html

By Bellardia February 1st, 2013 at 23:44:32

I have a 2g 8gb iphone wanna reset n acidetly pressed it again? i tried to reset it ‘erase iphone’.nothng displays now how to reset to company settings n pressed ‘reset conten

By imported_Z28.com February 2nd, 2013 at 02:34:44

will android 1.5 aka cupcake fix these 2 memory problems? folks it’s a little lengthy but bare with me. ok here we go…

besides the fact that we can’t save our apps to the memory card there seems to be something else that is eating up tons of my memory. 1st i read an article/blog about how this guy did a test/experiment with the market. he concluded that just going in the market and looking at apps will use your memory even if you don’t download the app. so i too did the same thing. when my phone’s accelerometer stopped working and the low memory icon was in my status bar permanently i did a reset. at the time i had a few kb. after the reset i went in and downloaded all of my apps again. but instead of going to each app and downloading it, i went to the “my apps” section and downloaded them all from there. at the end of that i had about 27 mb left. by the end of the week i was back down to 7 mb and the low memory icon was coming and going. now it’s back stuck there. then i noticed this…

none of my apps were working at all. they all kept force closing. so i looked at my memory and it was at 0. i shut my phone off and did a reboot (hold power+home for 20 secs then hit home+back). when i looked at my memory it went up to 4 mb. 4 MB!!!!! that is crazy! since this happened i have repeated this same thing at least 4x in the past week. so basically the phone is using up 4 mb of memory for SOMETHING and i have no idea what it is. when i turn my phone off and on it frees it up and i can then use my phone without interruption, except i have no accelerometer!!!!

does anyone know if cupcake will fix this HORRIBLE issue? i can call it a lot worse things but i’ll keep it clean for the kiddies.

on a side note how are they trying to compete with the iphone and i can only save about 20 apps on here b4 my memory is depleted? to make matters worse we can’t save them to our card. i already found out that still won’t be an option with cupcake…how absured! on my ipod touch i have about 6 pages of apps and each page holds 16 apps! much better quality apps on top of that! on this thing i put 1 iphone page worth of apps on here and i’m just about done! seriously google this is RIDICULOUS!

By shepherdblake February 2nd, 2013 at 05:46:46

To the 6 people pinning me.. My BlackBerry isn’t working. I may have to buy an iphone sooner than I thought.

By Rainingman February 2nd, 2013 at 07:45:31

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