How many iphones are sold in a day


I did not find statistics per day, but after they came out last year, 1 million iPhones sold as of September 10, 2007. !

How many iPhones were sold on the first day of each iPhone

In the first 30 hours of the original iPhone's release, 270,000 units were sold. The iPhone 4 had 1.5 million units sell in the first day. A Windows phone was released earlier this year, which sold around 40,000 on the first day. !

How many iPods are sold every day

I am unable to locate a daily total of iPods being sold. In 2007, Apple announced 100 million iPods being sold. on!

How many iphones have been stored worldwide and how many 3g iphone have been sold

In 2007 there were 3.71mil iphones sold. As of Aug. 30, 5,649,000 iPhone 3Gs sold.Added to the 2.4 million reg. iphone in 2008.

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How many iphones sold on first day of release?

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As of December 2010 Apple was selling 280 million apps per month, which works out to just over 9 million apps sold per day. Since December this is number has almost certainly gone up substantially. Source:…..

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Apple sold 6.8 million iPhone 3G’s last quarter. If you divide that number by 90,…

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Why are iPhones only sold for at&t? I am on the Verizon network and can’t just switch over to at&t because I’m on a family plan.

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Clear a broken iphones memory? Ok so i have an iphone that broke a few days ago by accidently having it smashed in a car door and it wont work anymore..ive broken to many iphones so im not having it replaced…but my question is im selling it on ebay…so if the buyer gets it working again i dont want them to see all my personal stuff like my contacts, photos, texts email…that type of stuff that was still on there when it broke…it wont come on but i know thats because of the screen so how do i clear the memory if it doesnt work? should i be worried about it?

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Delilah_McNulty if u have a iPhone , get a app called find unfollow, it helps big time

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RT DeonteJ: When I let anyone see my iPod or iPhone they first question is do you have Temple Run lhfh I hate

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