How do you turn landscape off on the iphone


INoRotate is a tweak that lets you completely or selectively turn off auto-rotation on iPhone. It’s a free application that is available on cydia.

How do you stop an iPhone 3GS from flipping when you turn it

If you want to stop the auto-rotating, you need to toggle the Rotation feature off. To get your auto-rotate back, toggle the Rotation option on. !

How do you turn landscape mode on for the iPhone 4

Your iPhone should automatically switch into landscape when you turn the phone sideways. Some apps do not use landscape. Apple states that you should turn off your iPhone and turn it back on. If that doesn't fix it, contact your local Apple store. Thank you for using !

What is the best iOS 5 Cydia tweaks

One of the best tweaks for iOS 5 Cydia is InstaURL. With the help of this tweak you can perform web search from any where on your iPhone. you can get this tweak from Cydia store for just $0.99 only or can also try Quickgoogle from Cydia for free. !

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How do you turn turn your iphone when its turned off?

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Many iPhone applications actively deliver information to your home screen, such as the number of incoming messages on a social networking site or when your eBay auction is about to expire. Notifications include badges, which inform you of the number

By Annie^.^ January 3rd, 2013 at 01:30:15

The iPhone has built-in GPS capabilities that make it possible for services and applications to determine your location in real time. Examples of services and apps that may use the GPS feature include those that provide driving directions, …

By Cim January 3rd, 2013 at 04:36:55

All iPhones come pre-installed with a “Mail” application. Customers can connect their email accounts to this app, making it easy to manage incoming and outgoing messages. Although the Mail app itself cannot be removed, you can disable your …

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can the iphone applications turn to the iphone 3g switch to landscape mode when you turn youtube that near the end it? i saw a clip in of the clip it shows landscape mode. is

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