How do you make a folder or album for photos on the iPhone 3G


To create a new folder or album for photos on your iPhone, you need to create a folder in iTunes, then sync your iPhone to iTunes, this will allow you to put that whole new folder onto your iPhone, ounce you have synced it. !

How do you make more that one photo album on an iPhone 3GS

If you want to create new photo album on iPhone 3g, you should create it with iTunes. All this is done on on your Mac or PC with selected folders that contain photos transferred to your iPhone via the iTunes sync process - the same for transferring iTunes music and created playlists. Just create a new folder and put the pictures in there.

How do you make a new photo album for the iphone3G

To create a new album on your Iphone 3 g, create a folder on your computer for each of the photo albums you'd like to access on your iPhone. To do this, right click on your desktop or inside an existing folder and select "New Folder." etc

How can I make another album of pictures in my iPhone

To create a photo album, use iPhoto. Then, go to iTunes with your iPod plugged in, select your iPod and choose the Photos tab. You can select to have all of your photos and albums synced, or only a few. You can also use Smart Albums, that will have selections based on search criteria, such as the most recent photos. !

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How do you make photo folders in iphone 3g?

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By default, album artwork displays whenever it is synchronized from your iTunes program to your iPhone, but you can remove it if you wish to conserve space.Instead of showing the album cover the iPhone will display a blank image with a musical note,

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You have two ways to put photos on the iPhone. You can take photos with the camera, or you can sync photos from your computer. To remove all the photos from your iPhone, you must configure your syncing settings not to sync your photos, and …

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How do I make a new on my iPhone? Can you make another photo photo album for my photos album on your iphone besides the “camera roll” album?

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