How do you fix a disabled Iphone


A jailbroken iPhone can become disabled or "bricked." A bricked iPhone will not function because it has either frozen on an application or on the black screen. You must manually reboot your disabled iPhone to make it functional again. You cannot bring a jailbroken iPhone to an AT&T or Apple retail store for repair because jailbreaking the iPhone voids the terms or Apple’s warranty for the iPhone.

What is the longest an 8gb Ipod can get disabled for

The iPod is a portable media player designed and marketed by Apple and launched on October 23, 2001, but in your question, what do you mean when you ask, how long can it get disabled for?

How do I fix a A stuck pixel on an iphone 3G

Try the 'Stuck Pixel Fix' application in the App Store. Otherwise, you'll have to bring it to an Apple Store or send it to Apple.

How do you fix a disabled iPhone 4

Put the iPhone into either Recovery Mode or DFU mode and restore it. This will completely reset the iPhone. You will then need to update all of your setting's.

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How do you fix a disabled iPhone?Here are some options: 1. Your phone is turned off: press the button on the upper side of the Iphone for around 5 seconds. 2….

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The easy way. There is one easy way to do it that works for a portion of iphone customers. Its effectiveness depends on whether your sim card allows one to change APN settings. Lets give it a shot! On your iphone go to settings>Wireless networks>Edge

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BigFix is not a known security risk to your computer. However, BigFix can significantly slow down a computer’s performance. As with any software program, BigFix can become unstable. BigFix can easily be disabled by removing the program from…

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To fix a disable iPhone, open the iTunes and attach your iPhone to a USB port on the computer by using the iPhone data cable. Press the on/off button and select button centered on the bottom of the iPhone. Release both buttons.

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How do I fix my iPhone work with the iPhone” message? I have an iPhone 3Gs that keeps giving the “this device was not made to on t-mobile that I jailbroke with blackra1n. Yest

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how do you fix a disabled iphone? i forgot my password for my iphone and kept trying to put it in until at the top it said disabled conect to itunes. so what do i do now? how do i fix it?
tryed putting password in and forgot so it says disabled connect to itunes. how do i fix this. do i have to use the same itunes i activated it on?

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