How do you change your code lock on your iphone if you forgot it


You can reset the iPhone’s password by plugging it into the computer’s iTunes. !

How to figure out your code to your apple ipad if you forgot it

The only way to get into your iPad if you forgot the passcode is to restore your iPad from the backup taken by iTunes which doesn't contain the password/passcode lock. If you do this you will lose all your data. Instead why don't you try sleeping on it for a night? Before you go to sleep think about your password. Chances are good that during your sleep you will remember it. It's worth a try. Thank you for asking !

What do i do if i forgot my locking password for my iphone

You need to restore the iPhone with iTunes to reset the password, you will lose all of your settings and data after this.

How to break iPhone 4 lock code

With the iPhone 4 disconnected from your computer, power it off. Press and hold the Power button then slide the red slider. With the iPhone 4 off, press and hold the Home button while connecting it to the computer you registered it from. Keep holding the Home button until you see a Connected to iTunes message. Open iTunes. In iTunes, select the Summary tab and click Restore and follow prompts. When the process is finished, your iPhone 4 should be available again without the need for a password

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I forgot my iphone pass code connect it to itunes if lock!!!? I forgot my iphone passcode because it says i dont. I cant connect to itunes have sumthing so i cant i take it

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