How can you stop a group message on the iPhone


To turn off group messaging on iPhone, go into the "message settings" menu and toggle the "MMS messaging" feature to off. This will disable group messaging, but will still allow you to send and receive individual group messages. on!

How do you start a group text message on an iPhone 3GS

To enable group text messaging on the IPhone tap "settings" then select "messages" then select the switch next to "group messaging." !!

How do you name group messages on the iPhone 4

Another basic feature still missing from iPhone is that you can’t send SMS/Text to a group at once, every time. However, there is an app available on AppStore called “Group Texter” which allows to create groups and you can send text messages to that whole group instead of adding each contact one by one. !

How do you turn on group chat on iphones

To turn on group chat on an iPhone Simply go to Settings ? Messages ? “Group Messaging

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How do you stop receiving group messages?just tell everyone on your contacts too stop sending you group messages if you want to…

By oztrack March 5th, 2013 at 17:04:08

The iPhone 4 features a new group text messaging feature. This feature allows you to send a single text message to multiple contacts. You can send the group message to up to 100 recipients, and your cellular service provider will bill the group text

By stevensteven March 5th, 2013 at 19:35:42

If Facebook group messages inundate your email inbox, edit your group settings. Once you’ve joined a Facebook group, you can choose to receive notifications for all new posts by group members, friends or only when someone comments on one of…

By ggiersdorf March 5th, 2013 at 21:38:33

Go to in a separate window. This brings you to the Yahoo Groups homepage. Enter your username and password. This may take some remembering for those who have been reading messages only from their e-mail account and have not…

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How to stop the iphone WAP message? i have an iphone 3gs message appears telling me i with no credit currently, every few seconds a wap need 17p credit to access wap even tho

By skengman March 6th, 2013 at 03:00:39

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