Can you update an old iPhone to the new iPhone without buying it


The new iPhone 3.0 OS is free to all iPhone customers. on!

When will the new iPhone update take place

IPhone OS 3.0 will be available this Summer, and will be a free update to all iPhone 3G customers. !

Will the new Iphone update upgrade old Iphones

Iphone os 3.0 releasing on June 17th will update all IPhones, the new IPhone coming out will have to be purchased but OS is free.

Will the iPhone 3. 0 update include mass texting

The new iPhone 3.0 OS will be released on June 17th! It is going to be free to all iPhone customers. on!

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What is in the new update of iPhone 3gs?

By tgillespie January 21st, 2013 at 15:38:06

The iPhone is a smartphone manufactured by Apple that allows you to access data, word processing software, messaging and organizational tools. It also lets you make and receive phone calls. With each iPhone release, new applications, operating system

By Lpspider January 21st, 2013 at 17:57:34

The process of updating the software on your iPhone can take up to several hours, depending upon the amount of data on your phone and the content of the particular update you are executing. The most time-consuming part of the update process…

By thorzzzten January 21st, 2013 at 19:55:28

You can purchase an Apple iPhone through any Apple store or through the Apple online website. You can also find them at other electronic and phone stores.

By Rolandinjos January 21st, 2013 at 22:03:44

My iTunes will not update or restore my iPhone. Says “The iPhone software update server could not be contacted? I already disabled Norton, and my firewall. Please help me. Btw

By apthost January 22nd, 2013 at 00:12:04

Iphone4 or Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S)? Okay, i have been having quite a bit of portable electronic trouble lately. About a month ago, I had a Samsung Impression (AT&T) and an iTouch (i believe it had software 3.1.3). I had already had itouch troubles, as it had gotten wet. I used the rice trick and it had worked, but it started to, at times, press the lower left and right corners of my screen if it had not been pressed in some time. This got especially annoying in music where, if i did not lock it, it would press the next song and the last song button at the same time, causing it to momentarily freeze up and switch my song. It also obviously got annoying in games. I verified that this was happening in the Heat Pad app. I tried updating software and restoring and such with no success. however, i did not want to get a new itouch while it was still working and i had already said i may get an iphone eventually.
Meanwhile, my phone’s qwerty keyboard had gotten annoying and difficult to press, so i was thinking about getting a new iphone 4. However, i decided i would try to wait, as i heard iphone 4 was glitchy and my contract was not yet up.
Of course, as of a week ago, my phone’s touch screen just stopped working. Broken phone. Long story short: i needed a new phone! My mom and i went to the att store to see if i could get refunded and to look for a new phone. it was not refundable, but as it turns out, i could get a new phone on a new contract because they would be able to swich the contracts around (complicated, but i was able to get a new contract). I knew from looking online that two solid phones were the backflip(60 dollars) and the captivate (200 bucks). I tried the backflip and didnt love it. then, since i was there, even tho i didnt expect to buy it, i got the captivate. I was amazed by swype and all the great features, and i ended up getting the phone.
Now, after some trouble, today i was able to get MOST of the songs i wanted to transfer, the ones not DCM blocked or whatever, onto my phone. However, yesterday, my itouch stopped working with wifi. plus, i have had it for 2 1/2 years, so it as already about time for a new one (i generally like a new one every 2 years). No working itouch = no itouch apps. I kknow android apps are fantastic, but apple apps are by far better. no question, they have just been available longer and have a huge selection. If you have had an itouch/iphone, you know that apps are quite nice, and it is hard to really go without them after being used to them for 2+ years. new itouch: 300 bucks plus the 200 i spent on the galaxy s. Iphone: 200 bucks. I like android functionality and all but you can do most of it with the new iphone. i would probably jailbreak anew idevice anyway. the plus to the android: swype, i already have it, reallly cool and new. however, i would either be sticking with an old itouch or have to buy a new one (expensive). an iphone is quite similar, with slightly different functionality. nonetheless, it has anywhere internet to the crazy apps, which would be a plus.
-lets say i get my itouch working. it would work, but it still is old. stick with galaxy S and buy a new itouch, stick with the galaxy S and keep my old itouch, or iphone.
-if i dont get my itouch working, same options as above
(for the two above, assume jailbreaking of idevices)
things to consider: phone value in your opinons, especially the iphone 4′s reception
Basically, i am looking for advice on what to do. sorry for the long question.
I thought i made it clear, i already have a samsung captivate. i just really want an itouch to go with it…but the better option to support my wants unfortunately may be an iphone. dont get me wrong, ilove mycaptivate. its just that the iphone might fit my needs better…
as a response to ThePhoneGeek, i would want an itouch for the apps….It is a fact that there are many more apps in the apple app store compared to the android market, and that the apps can be more complex on an itouch. in situations without possible internet connection, an itouch’s apps make it a better device. however, the itouch’s now have camera, which is useless considering the captivate’s camera. grrr..i dont know what to do! i am going to visit an apple store this weekend

By The-SpEyE January 22nd, 2013 at 03:27:04


By alapo January 22nd, 2013 at 06:38:09

There’s only 1 person in this whole wide world I know that don’t have a iPhone. That person need to get With the program

By Erica1977 January 22nd, 2013 at 08:30:12

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