What computer language are iPhone apps written in


IPhone SDK and XCode are the best choices when writing for an iPhone app.

How do I run iphone apps on my Mac

Apple provides an iPhone simulator with the iPhone SDK for the developers to let them run their apps on their Macs. Unfortunately, XCode compiles completely different object code for the iPhone simulator and for the iPhone. Here are the steps to get you started: 1) Register yourself for free to iPhone developers program. 2) Log into iPhone Developers Website 3) Download iPhone SDK with iPhone Simulator. Thanks for asking !

How can you update iPhone apps through a computer

To update an iPhone app through your computer, you need to plug the iPhone into the computer and start iTunes. You can then find the app on iTunes you are wanting to update, and update it. !

What are the must have apps for the iPhone

Some of the best iPhone apps are Pandora, Midomi, Remote, Yelp, ShoZu, NYTimes, Writing Pad, Stanza, Jott, Podcast & Instapaper.

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Can you download a iphone app on your computer?

By imported_Visions October 14th, 2012 at 04:53:16

Foursquare, as with all native iOS applications, is written in Objective-C. Best resource to get started would probably be Apple’s developer site, developer.apple.com

By Ellendway October 14th, 2012 at 08:02:34

One of the major features of Google’s Android mobile operating system is that anyone from a professional software engineer to a novice coder can create applications on it, and almost anyone using Android can run them. The way Android runs i…http://www.ehow.com/info_12198997_language-android-apps-written-in.html

By imported_Vengeance2k0 October 14th, 2012 at 10:16:37

You need to authorize a computer before you can use it to play your DRM-protected iTunes content, or sync your apps to an iOS device such as an iPod, iPad or your iPhone. To protect publishers and app developers from the unlimited copy and …http://www.ehow.com/how_8476945_authorize-computer-put-apps-iphone.html

By rumpelsteltskin October 14th, 2012 at 12:00:11

Does anyone know what programing language the apps for the iPhone was hoping to make some/iPod touch are written in? I am a programer and money by putting my apps on the app s

By RotasızKaptan October 14th, 2012 at 13:49:12

Why Windows Mobile is Better and No one Cares? The iPhone. It has crawled into the hearts of many Americans and people world wide. Too bad. It really is sad that the people of the world love such a stupid device. It is really just an application launcher. It doesn’t have detailed tabs or a file explorer or much of anything. It just plays video, shows pictures, and opens apps.

A lot of the iPhone craze is simply because of the letter i. Infact, when I first saw an iPhone commercial for the first time, I wanted one. I talked about it for months and was extremely disappointed when I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile. When I made the switch, I got the T-Mobile Wing. (which came out before the iPhone) It did so much. It has apps and video and pictures and so many different things. I was extrememly elated.

Then I had too ask myself, if this runs on windows mobile, why can’t it load windows programs. I started looking for some of the programs I had on my computer but by searching windows mobile version and viola! I found a haven in my pocket pc.

Regardless of what most people will tell you, WinMo has way more apps than the iPhone or the iPod Touch. People say that since there are two devices for apple, there are more freelance/third party developers. This is a stupid argument seen as to the fact that there are over 40 windows mobile devices no to mention the fact that windows mobile apps can be written in major languages like C and C++. Not only this, but there are tons of freeware for windows mobile where as to get free iPhone apps, they must be jailbroken and usually on a jailbroken device.

Some people say that it’s the musical ability and capabilities of the iPhone since iApple has had tons of time to work on there music players and things. Windows mobile devices actually have better speakers and capabilities since we aren’t limited to just one media player.
Speaking of limitations, only apps supported by iApple and/or AT&T can be purchased from the app store, where windows mobile apps can be found all over the internet. Don’t believe me? Go to google and type in ppc freeware. The very first resulti s a website with over 6600 FREE apps. This isn’t just limited to games.

“Well apples apps are better” Not really. For every app they’ve got, we’ve got one. We have media players and picture viewers. We have apps like shazam and we even have apps that enable us to listen to any song on our PCs. “Yeah but I bet the games are lame” Most games that are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch are available for WinMo. We also have games made by third parties and games taken from older systems. You could even download and play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 with all the features including the park editor and character creator. Or one of the two available need for speed games. If that’s not enough gaming for you, windows mobile has plenty of emulators. Ever want to kick back and play an old school nes/snes or sega genesis game? Well there are plenty of emulators and millions of roms that aren’t the slightest bit hard to find.

“Well when I turn my iPhone, the screen turns” When I turn my Touch Pro 2 next week, the screen will turn. Not only that but we have several devices that support the accelerometer. Did I mention that the accelerometer is controlable? You can decide which apps it does or doesn’t work with and when it’s opperative.

If you like the super sensative screen and the finger friendliness, go put on a glove and try it again. Doesn’t work so well does it. We have things like touch flo and touch flo 3d for the finger friendly thing and we can also use a stylus, unlike the iPhone.

“Well I like my iPhone because it’s easy to use” Windows mobile has plenty of skins and interfaces to make the device easier to use for less experienced pc people. Infact, if you just like the iPhone’s interface, you can download an iPhone skin. There are plenty of easy to use skin and interfaces that simplicity isn’t really a problem.

Another great feature about ppcs is XDA-DEVS. There are one million, seven hundred twenty six thousand, six hundred thirty six people in one web community to discuss ppcs. With an iPhone, you’d have to wait for an administered rom to come out like a medical patient. With Windows Mobile, there are plenty of freelance roms with different features.

The software on pocket pc’s is also marvelous. Not only must programs be installed, but the CABs can be kept incase you delete the program/app and decide you want it back later. This way you can quickly reinstall it without having to redownload.

But what about the hardwear. The iPhone is thin and sexy. Well for starters, let’s pretend your iPhone just froze and the button’s not working. Quick, take out the battery. Exactly. But if you really must have thin, we’ve got thin, keyboardless phones too. We even have phones with both slide out keyboards (in all four directions) and onscreen keyboards. Not only that but WinMo is on more than just one phone. If you like small, fat, thin, o

By hvb October 14th, 2012 at 16:13:03

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