How much money does it cost to enter to win the ipad


What office are you talking about? Keep texting .

Will it take money to enter in the chance to win an Ipad

No it's free to enter for a chance to win an IPAD. With the release of their iphone app, digg is giving away a ColorWare custom, very limited edition Digg iPad every day for 2 weeks!

Can I actually win an ipad if I text that number

I am unable to find if you really can win an ipad if you text a certain number, I don't know what number you are talking about. If you do, you have to wait to see if you are contacted by a representative of the giveaway company and told that you've won an iPad.

How much money does the ipad cost at Target

The iPad is currently not being sold at Target. However, they sell the shells for iPads. They range in price from $12.99- $49.99. IPads could be found at the Apple Store.

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